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We want to remember and pour the blessings on our elders who have set their heart on this job and from taught us this job that we have been practicing since 1947 in İzmir.

Our very precious master Mehmet Altınökçe, then Dolgün Siblings, Master Behzat, dear Mustafa Kocabıyık, Halil Onmuş, Ali Onmuş and siblings, Dear Adnan Tavukçu, Kemal Engin, Heelman Sami, Sinan and Kaya Teziş..We’re pouring the blessings on and up bearing our precious elders, fathers, Murat-Kemal Yamankafa who set their heart in this job and taught us this job…

At the same time, the job that we’re practicing is an art, and nowadays the fact that visuality and aesthetics are looming large; the real value of the profession “making heels” is better understood.
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